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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

There are so many different ways to hold all of your oils. From hard cases, to small travel bags. I'm going to share some of my faves. Maybe you'll like some too!

If there is one thing that essential oil enthusiasts can agree on, it's that you have to be stylish while keeping your oils I right? So, I've put together a whole montage of bags, cases, and boxes that might fit your needs. Click on the pics to see more details.

This is a hard shell case for rollerballs, for when you want to take your blends, or diluted oils (for children or sensitive skin) with you on the go!

Just have a couple of oils that you want to have conveniently with you in your bag? Here is a cute rose gold colored pouch that hold 4 bottles.

Here is a great medium sized bag that you can put in your luggage if you're traveling and want more of your oils with you on the go...or if you just want a cute soft sided organizational bag!

Have a WHOLE BUNCH of oils, and are you wanting to take them with you on your weekend jaunts? Here ya go!

Here's a beautifully designed wooden box that holds 69 oils.

Essential Oil Case holds 10 oils.

Black EO Carrying Case - Hold 10 oils and accessories.

Blue River EO Case - holds 10 oils.

Ocean Hemp EO Carrying Case - holds 10 oils.

Metallic Rose Gold Carrying Case - holds 10 oils.

All the Essentials- Gold Metallic Carrying Case.

Shopper Travel Purse - holds 16 bottles

Stylish EO Case - White Windsor - holds 10 oils

EO 10 bottle Keychain Carrying Case with accessories

Essential Oil Keychain Case with 8 2ml (5/8 dram) Mini Aromatherapy Bottles for Travel Storage Comes with 4 Roller Tops and 4 Regular Tops Carabiner Hook Included

74 Vials Luxurious Essential Oil Carrying Case Travel Bags Holds 5ml 10ML 15ML Oil Carrying Case Perfect For Travel

Cleat Top Case - holds 24 oils

Black Train Case - holds 24 oils

Purple Rolling Train Case - holds 45 bottles

Soft Sided EO Cube - holds 75 oils

Golden Rose Train Case - holds 35 oils

Black Train Case - holds 54 oils

Simple Acrylic Display - holds 48 oils


MASSIVE EO Case - holds 208 oils

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