What was your first essential oil?

My first Essential Oil was back in 1996 when I first started touring Europe. I used Chamomile to help me when I wasn’t feeling good. Little did I know that fateful day in a Swiss Apothecary (their version of drug store) that I would start slowly meandering down an adventurous path.

Then through the years I started growing my EO stash from different places I worked and traveled. A company that made health supplements that I bought on my second cruise ship gig, Germany, Bulgaria, a company from France, health food stores, Whole Foods, where ever I could find them I would buy them. I didn’t care or even know about the quality of the oils or worry about where they came from. That didn’t even phase me.

Then I became a mom.

And I started reading warning labels. YIKES!!!!!!

Some of the oils that I had couldn’t even be put on skin, or be used around children.

SAY WHAT?!?!?! So I did some SERIOUS researching. SERIOUSLY!

I asked friends, read blogs, Pinterest, Facebook posts…you name it. I was looking HARD for a better alternative to store bought toiletries and the scents and flavors that are used in them…toothpaste, deodorant, cologne, aftershave…yes, I was making all these things…I was THAT Mama in 2009. Talk about 'crunchy'. NOTHING was too good for my baby.

Finally I came upon some interesting pins in Pinterest! Yeah, imagine THAT!

I found oils that could be used in the mouth! WHAT?!? And they could be ingested! YES!!!!

But I didn’t know how to get this brand of oils into my home. Couldn’t buy them in a store or online. I had to know someone who was a wholesale advocate. But whom?!

When we moved to Las Vegas a few years ago (the first time) I stumbled on to my hubby’s coworker’s sister’s yoga studio. I had no idea that it was Bikram (that is a whole other story…hilarious). But what was SO AWESOME, was walking into the lobby of the studio, and seeing dōTERRA there. YES!!! This was the company I was trying to find for 6 MONTHS! I felt like I’d walked into an oasis after being in the desert for a while(yes, pun intended). It was that type of "AH-HA" moment for me.

That was back in 2013. Little did I know how much my family would learn to rely upon these little oils that were only supposed to be put in toothpaste, mouthwash, and aftershave. And here we are now. We use them every single day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And not only are we healthier, but we’re also happier.

So, what was your first essential oil?

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