What Kind of Carrier Oil Do I Use?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

When I want to apply an essential oil to skin, I usually want to dilute it. As I have mentioned before, a little of the essential oils goes a long way, because they are pure and unadulterated, so they are POTENT. You will want to dilute these oils for a couple of reasons. One is so that you can cover more surface area of the skin, so that your EO goes farther, and so that it stays on the skin longer. You would also want to dilute these oils if applying a "hot" oil (think Oregano, or Cinnamon) or when applying to very young, sensitive, or older skin.

You can use any type of oil that you have on hand, olive, avocado, sesame, canola....well, I actually never recommend canola, for anything. And I do not recommend any oils that carry a natural scent to them (such as sesame, or some olive oils...it is minute, but it's there).

When making a facial serum, I will recommend Jojoba, or Rosehip because they're good for facial skin.

For Jojoba Oil I recommend this one. It's organic, and it has Prime shipping, and it's $10. Win-Win!

For Rosehip oil, I recommend this one. Same great company as the Jojoba oil above. Slightly higher price, but still a decent price point.

If you aren't using EOs on your skin, I regularly recommend coconut oil to help dilute them. It absorbs rather quickly, doesn't have an odor, and is just a great oil to have around. Regular organic coconut oil is amazing for oil pulling (if you don't know about that I will get into that subject at a later date). I buy my coconut oil either at Trader Joe's, or Costco (we also cook with our coconut oil...it's multi-purposed. But for roller balls I always recommend what is known as FCO, or Fractionated Coconut Oil. dōTERRA has a great FCO for using oils on the skin. It retails at $16 for 3.8 ounces. And if buy a monthly wellness box, you can start getting this as one of your free oils with qualifying purchases. FREE OILS!!! YEA!!!

Sometimes though, an FCO is not what you want to use internally. If you get the "burps" from ingesting the oils (sometimes it happens), you might want to put your oils in an empty gelcap (dōTERRA has these to purchase on their website), and dilute it with some FCO. But if you are still getting the "burps" from FCO, here is a great alternative.

This MCT has helped multitudes of people who have a problem ingesting other coconut oils. So if you also have this problem, MCT FCO could help!

If you are like me and like a bargain, and you know that you'll be making a lot of rollerballs to share with others (like family, and friends during the holidays), I like to get this bad boy! Organic, and it lasts a LONG while. I bought this 3 years ago, and I still using the same jug of coconut oil!


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