Essential Tools

Get the most out of your oils with these tools.


Put a drop in your hands, rub them

together and inhale, or use a diffuser that

helps to disperse the molecules into the

air. Aromatically is a great way to use your

oils when you want to help clean and

purify the air, improve respiratory

function, or when you want to help

positively improve and elevate your


2. Travel Bag

To ensure you use your essential oils while traveling or on-the-go, make sure to keep your essential oil travel bag with you! This is a good starter bag from Amazon. But you can find many others on Amazon, Etsy, OilLife and other essential oil accessory focused websites. This one is padded and made of heavy duty nylon. You can get it HERE.

Use the code TRACI&GEORGI for $5 off of any order of $50 or more.

3. Fractionated Coconut Oil

Whether it's making your own roller bottle

blends or diluting for the kids, you want to

make sure you have Fractionated Coconut

oil on hand. Also referred to as FCO, it's great for massages too or DIY projects. You can purchase it directly from your doTERRA account.

4. Essential Oil Life

Do you ever feel like you don't know which oil to use for which issue you may be having? This is why it's so important and empowering to have an essential oil reference book like The Essential Life, or Modern Essentials or Essentials of the Earth. It takes the guesswork out of using your oils and makes it totally foolproof!

Get The Essential Life HERE.

5. Storage Box

It really helps you find your essential oils

easier and quicker when they are in a tidy

box. We recommend finding a storage box

to keep your essential oils organized and

looking fancy! This wooden box can be

purchased by logging into your doTERRA

account and shopping in the Accessories section.

6. Reference App

It doesn't do much good to have a big book sitting at home when you find that you need to have knowledge of oil usage when you're out and about, and in a pinch! We highly recommend getting a reference app for your phone, so that you always feel empowered to know which oil to use. Our favorites are Modern Essentials app, EOEbooks app, or The Essential Life app.

7. Glass Spray Bottles

If you are wanting to reduce your toxic

consumption and go a more DIY route,

grab some glass container bottles and

make up room sprays, counter cleaners,

and tons more cleaners for your home.

For great DIY recipes go to >

Our Advocates > Blog Products >

Do It Yourself.

8. Roller Bottles

One of the best ways to use your oils on-the-go or with kids, is to use roller bottles. You can make up fun blends, dilute your favorite oils, and even make perfume. Our favorite is by Root and Petal that you can purchase HERE.

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