10 Ways to Use Cypress

The Cypress (cupressaceae family) is a conifer that is found all over the world. The variety used for essential oils commonly comes from southern Europe. The essential oil is extracted from the cones and leaves of the tree. The most ancient living Cypress is located in Abarkooh, near Shiraz. Its age is estimated to be approximately 4000 years. dōTERRA Cypress interestingly comes from the Isle of Crete. It is steam distilled from the needles, twigs and cones (about 30 pounds will yield 1 pound of oil) of the tree. Sometimes the oil is used in men’s colognes and aftershaves. Cypress Oil is clear, and has a woody, nutty quality with a hint of spice. 

Because Cypress is such a strong astringent, in much of the literature it is recommended for concerns that take advantage of this property. This includes items such as skin care, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and excess perspiration or undesirable odor of the feet. Cypress is often recommended for hemorrhoids using a wash, sitz bath, or direct application with or without a carrier. The same ointment can be used for varicose veins applied topically lightly to the area (no massage) with light strokes toward the heart. Cypress is a gentle diuretic. Some mention Cypress benefiting the symptoms of asthma when diffused properly. It is useful for all bronchial complaints and lung diseases like Tuberculosis, Whooping Cough and Pleurisy (use with Myrrh and Wild Orange). 

More Ways to Use Cypress

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