10 Ways to Use Blue Tansy

Ble Tansy is soothing to the skin and the emotions. Don't be alarmed if it stains your skin, the color will dissipate within an hour. Dilute with FCO to reduce staining.

1. be happy

Diffuse to uplift the mood and create

a positive environment.

2. relieve trauma

Diffuse with Roman Chamomile to

help relieve traumatic emotions and

help to give courage.

3. deep sleep

Mix 1 drop with 2 drops Copaiba

and apply to bottoms of the big toe

to help induce deep sleep and

quiet the mind.

4. relax & unwind

Add 6 drops to your bath with one

tablespoon of FCO and one cup of

Epsom salts for a calming and

relaxing effect.

5. massage

Combine with FCO and Lavender,

Wintergreen, Cypress, Siberian Fir,

or AromaTouch for a soothing

massage after a long day.

6. promote healing

Apply to wounds to help speed up

the healing process.

7. clear skin

Apply topically, heavily diluted with

FCO or moisturizer, to soothe skin

irritations and reduce blemishes.

8. soothe muscles

Apply topically with Lemongrass,

Marjoram, Siberian Fir, or diluted

Cinnamon for a warming and

soothing tissue application after

strenuous activity.

9. relieve sinuses

Mix with Lavender, Arborvitae, or

Siberian Fir and diffuse or inhale for

sinus relief.

10. calm skin

Combine with Cedarwood,

Frankincense, or Geranium to

clarify and support the skin.

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